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Crystal Baby Smile

Portable Changing Pad, Large Changing Mat 80cm, Premium Quality Travel Station


Portable Travel Changing Pad from Crystal Baby Smile!

Free yourself of worry, protect your baby anywhere!

❓Is changing your baby diapers on the go always difficult?
❓Do you want to know your baby safely away from dirty surfaces when diapering in a mall’s restroom?

Changing diapers doesn’t have to be a drag. Based on our own experience, we designed what we believe to be the absolute best travel changing diaper pad!

Designed by and for loving mommies!

✔ LONGER - This special diaper clutch is a lifesaver when you are on the go!
✔ Designed with YOUR NEEDS in mind!
✔ SUPERIOR QUALITY! - You can take pride in your new baby changing pad and feel completely at ease with offering it as a gift. With superior stitching and odorless high-quality materials, it’s built to aid you perfectly in your task as a caring mommy or daddy!

MOMS all over Europe simply love this padded changing mat. It provides perfect protection from dirty surfaces so you can literally change your baby’s diapers anywhere. The high quality changing mat is waterproof, wipeable, and easy to clean and the extra padded head cushion protects the child’s head!

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